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Infotech Oulu Graduate School

with the departments of Information Processing Science and Electrical and Information engineering

IPICS 2005

European Intensive Programme on Information Security Management and Technology 6th Winter School in Oulu March 30 - April 7, 2005

Participating Institutions:

University of the Aegean (GR)
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (B)
University of Regensburg (D)
University of Oulu (FI)
University of Vienna (AT)
University of Lapland (FI)
University of Plymouth (UK)
Graz Technical University (AT)
University of Kingston (UK)
South Australian University (AU)
University College Dublin (IR)

Daily schedule: Each day will comprise eight hours lectures.

Assessment: Student assessment will be done by a seminar paper assignment, which each student will take home, complete and mail back before December 31 2005.

Credits: The course awards four ECTS credits. This means 3 credit units in Finland.

Certificates: Certificates of attendance will be awarded to all students who will attend the course and pass the examination. The certificates will be issued by the University of Oulu.

Course fee: No fees will be charged.

Accommodation: there will be accommodation possibilities during the programme.

Course language: English

Admissions: Up to 50 students of EU institutions will be admitted to the course.

Registration: Interested students should contact J. Kajava, Univ. of Oulu.

Preliminary Programme


March 30

9.00 - 9.15 Opening session
9.15 - 9.45 Lauri Lajunen /Oulu University (FI): Rectors greetings.
9.45-10.30 Jacques Bus /European Union (EU):
Security research in the IST program.
10.45-11.30 Juha Röning / Oulu University (FI):
Practical Security Research in Wireless IP Networks.
11.30-12.15 Jorma Kajava / Oulu University (FI):
New Challenges for Information Security Management.
13.00 - 16.15 Bart Preneel / Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE): Cryptography.

March 31

9.00 - 12.15 Bart Preneel / Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE):
Cryptography (cont.)
13.00-16.15 Chris Wills University of Kingston (UK):
Threat and Risk Analysis: A Soft Systems Approach.
April 1 9.00 -10.30 Bjoern Muschall /University of Regensburg (DE):
Database Security.
14.45-16.15 10.45-12.15 Juhani Anttila / Quality Integration Helsinki (FI):
Integrating Information Security Management with an Organization's Quality-Focused and Process Based Business Management.
13.00 - 16.15 Sokratis Katsikas / University of the Aegean, Athens (GR):
Network Security Management and Network Management Security.


April 4

9.00-12.15 Karl Posch / Graz Technical University (AT):
e-government implementation
13.00 - 16.15 Sokratis Katsikas / University of the Aegean, Athens (GR):
Network Security Management and Network Management Security (cont.)
April 5 9.00-12.00 Karl Posch / Graz Technical University (AT):
e-government implementation (cont.)
13.00-16.15 Gerald Quirchmayr / University of Vienna (AT) and University of South Australia (Adelaide) (AU): Business Continuity Management.

April 6

9.00-10.30 Ahmed Patel / University College Dublin (IR): Forensic Computing.
10.45-12.15 Nathan Clarke / University of Plymouth (UK): Biometric Authentication.
13.00-14.30 Ahti Saarenpää / Laplands University Rovaniemi (FI): Privacy Protection
14.45-15.30 Juha Mattila / Finnish Defence Forces Helsinki (FI):
Information Operations
15.45-16.15 Reijo Savola/VTT-Oulu (FI):
Security Measurements in Finnish Industry and State Institutions

April 7

9.00-10.30, 10.45-11.30 Michel Riguidel / ENST (Ecole Nationale Telecommunications) / Paris (FR): A new paradigm for security of heterogeneous systems: virtualization V2V.
11.30-12.15 Janne Uusilehto / Nokia / Tampere (FI):
Information security standardization in Mobile Communication
13.00-15.30 Steven Furnell / University of Plymouth (UK):
Security Management in Organisations.
15.30-16.15 Jorma Kajava / Oulu (FI): Evaluation and Assessment

Organised by:

Oulu University
Infotech Oulu
Finnish Defence Forces
IFIP TC-11.1 &TC- 8.5
Pohjan Viestikilta

Co-Chairs: Jorma Kajava, Gerald Quirchmayr and Juha Röning

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