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Lectures on Diophantine approximations

Lecturer: Professor Wadim Zudilin, Moscow State University, Russia

Thursday, December 14, 9-11 and 12-14, M201
Monday, December 18, 12-15, M201
Wedesday, December 20, 9-12, M201

Program of the lectures

1. Approximation of algebraic numbers. Liouville theorem.

2. Transcendence via the Mahler method.

3. Interpolation determinants. Solution of the 7th Hilbert problem.

4. Linear and algebraic independence of the values of E-functions (the Siegel-Shidlovsky method). Graded Pade approximations.

5. Further results and open problems on linear and algebraic independence.

More information: Keijo Väänänen

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