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When will the telephone network disappear?

Lecturer: Prof. Henning Schulzrinne, Internet Real-Time Lab, Dept. of Computer Science, Columbia University

Room: L7
Date: June 7, 2002
Time: 10:15 - 11:15


Transmitting voice and other multimedia content over packet network has been a research topic for two decades. In the last two years, it has finally become possible to build a phone service that relies purely on Internet Protocol components. However, a number of challenges remain before the last circuit switch can be turned off and be replaced by voice-over-IP (VoIP). In this talk, I will survey some of the work in the Internet Real-Time Laboratory at Columbia University in the area of voice-over-IP. We have built a generic architecture called CINEMA that provides a complete replacement for a PBX and have experimented with integrating it into the campus phone system.

I will describe the challenges that remain before the phone system disappears in its current form, including quality of service, security, emergency calls and the economic model of IP networks.



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